To assist with the collaboration of education, business, and community to maximize the utilization of resources, programs and services for all students while encouraging a culture of life-long learning.

Ensure all students reach their true potential a happy, healthy, productive and self-sufficient citizens

The purpose of the Heart of Texas P-20 Council is to assist all levels of education to continually improve programs and services, create and sustain opportunities for all students to achieve post-secondary education goals, and support the economic vitality of the region.

It is our belief that achieving college and career readiness allows students to reach their fullest potential. Continual improvement of teaching and learning processes is a key ingredient to success.

The economic vitality of the region is interdependent, requiring the collaboration of education, business, and community resources.

  • Build a sustainable P-20 Council organization. 
  • Inventory and publish a complete listing of educational opportunities in the region. 
  • Develop partnership agreements among educational entities, businesses, and community organizations. 
  • Promote promising and best practices models. 
  • Conduct regional information gathering and dissemination meetings. 
  • Seek multiple funding sources for the support of education